STOKE Certified Site Launch!

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our new, responsive website!

Building this beauty has been a labor of love for nearly a year now, and we hope this is evident as you navigate across all of the different pages we have carefully crafted to educate riders and operators about sustainability and STOKE. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, you can view all of our content no matter what and it will still look rad!

The Grizzly team absolutely killed it with executing our brand messaging goals and communicating sustainability with simple, elegant design in an easy to understand and engaging medium, complemented by beautiful animations, rich photos, and purposeful copy written by yours truly and Dr. Jess Ponting. We challenged ourselves to engage our audience with a new concept (certification in this space) and an old concept (sustainability), in a way that no one has done before in the riding community as well as the sustainable tourism community.

From the timeline animation for our vision statement on the About page, to the step-by-step membership process on the Operators pages for STOKE Surf and STOKE Snow, we have put our heart into every section of this site to do our best to communicate sustainability and STOKE to both operators and riders. I’m particularly proud of the first element you experience when landing on the site—the closed-loop loading animation that represents sustainability at its most fundamental form for the riding community. Water connects us all, especially surfers and snowboarders/skiers, our bodies are ⅔ water, and we ride different shapes on varying states of water as it moves through its elemental phases. I’ve laid out the process for designing the loading icon below —so simple and yet so powerful, I hope you’re just as stoked on it as we are:

Another challenge for us was to set a new precedent for transparency in communicating sustainability initiatives for STOKE Certified Members. Accomplishing this while avoiding the dense sustainability reporting language that is standard for our profession—but irrelevant for the average rider—was the hurdle. View our first certified property, Matanivusi Surf Resort, to see our Best Practices panel which highlights the most notable initiatives taken by the operator with concise summaries and photos to back up their claims. Each tab in the panel shows you the operation’s sustainability performance for that section, with a link to the Criteria page for you to learn more about the STOKE standards! Of course we feature some info about the waves and terrain that you’ll be riding so you’re stoked in more ways than one.

That’s it for now — let us know what you think of the site in the comments! Follow us across social media and on our blog as we continue to educate in this space and keep you stoked on sustainability. Ride on.