What makes us different?

There are no leaves in our logo. The days of recycling being a “green” badge of honor, and proximity to a forest defining an “ecolodge” are over. We want to change the perception that sustainability begins and ends with reusing your towel and turning off your light. Sustainability means installing moorings instead of dropping anchors on your favorite reefbreak, or leaving an old growth forest intact instead of clear cutting it for a new mogul field. Sustainability means supporting like-minded businesses in supply chains and incorporating nuances of local culture rather than creating homogenous cookie-cutter experiences.

STOKE Certified co-founders are personally dedicated to a sustainable future and are avid, passionate, surfers and snowboarders. STOKE encompasses and celebrates environment, society, culture, heritage, experience, economy, safety, and quality. Legitimate sustainable surf and snow tourism operators leverage these components to get visitors stoked on riding and keep them coming back for generations to come. That is what STOKE represents. Sustainability is STOKE!

Our Vision

By creating demand for sustainability from within the riding community, STOKE will catalyze and enable operators to implement innovative sustainable practices so our culture will continue to thrive and overcome the environmental, socio-cultural, and economic challenges of the future.

The Story

Our Staff is Seriously STOKED. Meet our team.