Stoke Leadership

STOKE Certified co-founders are personally dedicated to a sustainable future and are avid, passionate, surfers and snowboarders. Their devotion not only lies in educating about sustainability, but living it.

Stoke Certified Evaluators

STOKE Certified Evaluators consist of a global network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about preserving the riding culture and enhancing the sustainable growth of the riding community. Located in various parts of the world, STOKE Certified Evaluators perform STOKE services for prospective and current STOKE Certified Members in their region to reduce travel impacts and expenses for our Members. Support local and contact a STOKE Certified Evaluator in your area today:

Keen to get on the STOKE Team?

Sam Sproal

Ellie Lovett

Pete Blanchard

Kainoa Casco

Osiris Abrego Plata

Afonso Teixeira

Mac Dukart

Gerardo Bolaños

Aubrey Lair

Vicki Conlon

Sean Brody