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Playa Studios
11260 Playa Ct
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The Inertia EVOLVE Summit
Culver City, CA
Uniting the Brightest Minds in Surf and Outdoors

Top Photo: Tom Carroll dives deep with Sal Masekela about his boycotting of the 1985 ASP Gunston 500 contest in South Africa due to Apartheid. (Photo: Aika Lau)

The inaugural EVOLVE Summit hosted by The Inertia on August 18, 2018 featured athletes, doctors, scientists, influencers, nonprofit heroes, and innovative business leaders as well as Hawaiian Congresswoman and surfer, Tulsi Gabbard, to come together for the first time to ask the tough questions and find solutions to the riding community’s most pressing challenges.

Through an all-day collection of thought-provoking panels, powerful short films, and keynote speakers, EVOLVE facilitates groundbreaking discussions related to climate change, conservation, politics, sexism, and a lack of diversity in the outdoor industry. The event honors inspiring individuals from different spheres in the riding culture who leverage their platforms to make change.

In between perspective-altering sessions with various legends and up-and-comers from the industry, attendees can enjoy world-class live music, responsibly sourced beverages and meals, and bid in the silent auction with art pieces from Reeco Upcycled Surfboards, Ethan Estess upcycled fishing waste, and Andrew Hamra stone-sculptured wave art with proceeds benefiting the Surfrider Foundation and Protect Our Winters.

The 2018 EVOLVE Summit has been benchmarked by STOKE against the STOKE Events standard and is attempting certification in 2019. Watch the 2018 full webcast replay here and keep an eye out for 2019 tickets here.