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Playa Studios
11260 Playa Ct
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The Inertia’s EVOLVE Summit 2019
Culver City, CA
Uniting the Brightest Minds in Surf and Outdoors

Top Photo: Tom Carroll dives deep with Sal Masekela about his boycotting of the 1985 ASP Gunston 500 contest in South Africa due to Apartheid (EVOLVE 2018). (Photo: Aika Lau)

The EVOLVE Summit hosted by The Inertia features athletes, doctors, politicians, scientists, influencers, nonprofit heroes, and innovative business leaders who come together to ask the tough questions and find solutions to the riding community’s most pressing challenges.

Through an all-day collection of thought-provoking panels, powerful short films, and keynote speakers, EVOLVE facilitates groundbreaking discussions related to climate change, conservation, politics, wellness, and a lack of diversity in the outdoor industry. The event honors inspiring individuals from different spheres in the riding culture who leverage their platforms to make change.

Watch the webcast replays from the inaugural summit in 2018 as well as 2019 here.

EVOLVE was STOKE Benchmarked in 2018 and became STOKE Certified for their 2019 event.

Sustainability Management
Section Performance - 63%
Social and Economic Impacts Management
Section Performance - 74%
Cultural Heritage Impacts Management
Section Performance - 83%
Environmental Impacts Management
Section Performance - 73%
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Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Thank you to everyone for helping us make an event that we’re so proud of with a minimal impact.

It’s really important for us to do as we say, and the STOKE standard, resources, and guidance from our first event onward made that possible.

We look forward to hosting more EVOLVE Summits in the future. To keep improving, we aim to:

  • Source renewable energy for the event on-site or through a verified REC program.
  • Organize an outdoor volunteer component in our local community with one of our nonprofit partners.

Thank you so much to our Inertia family, 8081 Productions, Playa Studios, our sponsors, and speakers. It takes a village!


Zach Weisberg, Founder – The Inertia