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Hotel Michanti
El Zonte, El Salvador
Home of Adventure

Hotel Michanti seeks to offer guests an experience beyond the hotel itself. Whether it’s surfing the best waves, hiking to the top of a volcano, understanding how coffee is made, or trying the best pupusas in town, Michanti wants you to never forget El Salvador. Their mission is to develop sustainable adventure destinations working together with the local communities wherever they are.

Located just a two-minute walk from the beach in Playa El Zonte, Michanti is a place to exchange culture, experiences, stories, and good vibes. It is graced with three different beaches, waves, and natural rock caves that have been created over time. This is why it is a preferred choice for those looking to enjoy quiet time near the ocean and to surf.

A small country packed with adventures, El Salvador lets you enjoy dramatic changes of scenery just hours away. From beaches to volcanoes, colonial towns, and hot spring waterfalls, the hotel promises dull moments are not on the agenda.

Consistent surf graces El Salvador for more than 300 days a year, ranging from world-class waves to beginner spots. From their base in El Zonte, more than 10 different spots are less than an hour away. Michanti’s team will guide you to the best ones, based on your skill level and the forecast.

Hotel Michanti’s comfortable rooms, refreshing pool, sweet hammock paradise, tasty cocktails, cold beers, and delicious food is just the epicenter of all the adventure that surrounds them.