United Slopes of STOKE

The United Slopes of America is the brainchild of legendary female pro snowboarder, Desiree Melancon, who is exploring the unique terrain, communities, and cultures of America’s ski areas while documenting all of the radness in an online series called The United Slopes of America. I’m a huge fan so to see the crew ripping side hits where I learned how to snowboard—the STOKE Benchmarked Diamond Peak Ski Resort—and then give an unexpected shout-out to STOKE made me freak out like a little kid watching my favorite snowboard videos over and over again…

We highly recommend you watch the full episode to learn about all that Lake Tahoe has to offer (and watch the other United Slopes episodes here), but if you only have a couple minutes, then the Diamond Peak section starts at the 8:40 mark:


Thanks so much for the support and we can’t wait to see where the United Slopes of America goes next!