Stab Magazine – This Is What All Surf Resorts Should Be Doing During COVID

Surfers Want Sustainable Travel Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 along with the social injustices highlighted in 2020 has shifted our perspectives on just about everything. Mostly for the better. Fortunately, that includes tourism. Research is pointing to a demand for sustainable tourism when we can all travel again—especially among surfers.

Stab Magazine interviewed STOKE’s co-founders to share the certification alongside their reader poll to show resorts why now is the perfect time to pivot their business model towards profit with purpose.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

… In line with those trends, early results from our 2020 reader survey suggest that more than 80 percent of you are willing to pay at least 10 percent more for sustainable lodging on your next surf trip. That’s huge. And it means that surf resorts that compete for your money — more fiercely than ever, post-COVID — would do well to up their sustainability game.

The good news? They have time to execute, while occupancy is low.

The better news? There’s a company that can help them level up.

STOKE (a little on the nose, we admit) makes it easy for surf tourism operators—camps, resorts, schools, etc.—to assess, improve, and verify their sustainability initiatives,” said Carl Kish, CEO of STOKE. “Then, we help share their impact story with the surfing community.”

With 80% of you willing to pay more for sustainability, getting STOKE Certified isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for business.

STAB: What’s your goal in the next few years?

CARL: What LEED is to green building, or Fair Trade is to ethical apparel, our goal is to make STOKE the sustainability standard for the outdoor and adventure travel industry.


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Photos: (Above) Scott Winer, Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island Resort; (Below) Olas Verdes Hotel, Playa Guiones