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Las Flores Resort
Playa Las Flores, Chirilagua, El Salvador
The Wild East

Cliffside views of the Las Flores point break await you at this boutique resort above Playa Las Flores. The resort first opened in 2004 on a beautiful 7-acre property that now consists of 15 ocean-view rooms, a pool, spa, and Salvadorian restaurant with a focus on locally sourced, organic ingredients. With a maximum occupancy of 43 people and 20 surf passes, Las Flores Resort offers a refined experience for surfers looking to explore this rich coastline known as The Wild East.

Sitting on the outskirts of El Cuco—a small fishing village and sleepy tourist town—Las Flores Resort has access to six world-class point breaks as well as 2,000 hectares of protected wildlife habitat, “Areas Naturales Protegidas”. The region is full of ecotours, hiking trails, and cultural heritage including “Tatus” which are man-made caves during the civil war where the guerilla used to hide.

As a member of Regenerative Resorts, Las Flores has embedded sustainability into its DNA. From following ISO 26000 Social Responsibility guidelines during their initial construction in 1999, to organizing a local NGO in 2015 to help promote and plan a sustainable destination development plan for 18km of pristine coastline and six communities. The future looks bright for Oriente Salvaje.