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AWOW Cardiff-by-the-Sea 2019
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California
Transforming Lives Through Surf Therapy

A Walk On Water (AWOW) provides surf therapy to children with special needs or disabilities. Spanning from coast to coast in the U.S. and sometimes abroad (or even landlocked at a surf park), AWOW serves local communities at over 10 events per year. Since the nonprofit was founded in 2012, AWOW has provided surf therapy for thousands of kids.

AWOW collaborates with local businesses, NGOs, and volunteers to provide a transformative day on the beach for local families who may have never been in the ocean before. These athletes experience the bliss of surfing thanks to an incredible team of passionate instructors, lifeguards, and even a therapy dog (Haole Boy!).

In 2018, AWOW benchmarked its Cardiff event against the STOKE Events standard and worked towards becoming the first STOKE Certified surf therapy organization in 2019. Using Cardiff as a case study, AWOW aims to scale its sustainability initiatives across all of its surf therapy sessions. Not only will the groms be stoked on the beach and surf culture, now they can become ocean stewards as well!

If you would ever like to volunteer and be a part of this special cause, reach out via the contact info provided on this page. We guarantee it will melt your heart and provide you with much-needed stoke therapy.

Sustainability Management
Section Performance - 72%
Social and Economic Impacts Management
Section Performance - 72%
Cultural Heritage Impacts Management
Section Performance - 61%
Environmental Impacts Management
Section Performance - 79%
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Commitment to a Sustainable Future

A Walk On Water is deeply honored to hold the title as the first STOKE Certified surf therapy event.

Without a clean ocean, AWOW would not be able to achieve its mission. Surf therapy is just as much about the health of the environment as it is physical and mental health for our athletes. To become the most sustainable surf therapy organization, we hope to accomplish the following:

  • Strengthen zero waste initiatives including adding a composting solution for food waste.
  • Continue to seek out environmentally friendly partners for all of our surf gear needs.
  • Add ocean conservation education to our athletes’ experience.
  • Expand our sustainability programs across the country at all AWOW events.

We could not do it without all of our partners, sponsors, and volunteers for making this and all AWOW events such a transformative experience!


Sean Swentek – Executive Director