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Jalan Perak III No. 18
Padang, West Sumatra 25112

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WavePark Surf Resort
Mentawais, Indonesia
The First to Make Your Mentawai Dreams a Reality

Built in 1998 and formally opened by the Governor of West Sumatra, WavePark was the first resort in the Mentawai Islands at a time when it was considered impossible to build a resort in the Mentawais. This feat was accomplished through a respect of local culture and traditions, forging strong local relationships and ensuring that local laws and permitting were followed throughout. WavePark is a joint venture that actively contributes to local communities, creates direct and indirect employment, supports local culture and has instituted industry leading sustainability initiatives throughout its operation. The resort is stunningly beautiful, an industry leader in sustainability, and provides access to all the best breaks in the northern Mentawais including Rifles, E-Bay, Kandui Left, and many many others with left hand freight train “Hideaways” directly out front of the resort. Single use plastic water bottles have all but been eliminated, local produce is used almost exclusively, wastewater is treated onsite, and septic leach-fields fertilize food and decorative gardens. Wavepark has been instrumental in leading the fight against dynamite fishing which has plagued the Mentawais during the surf tourism off-season.

Sustainable Management
Section Performance - 75%
Social and Economic Impacts Management
Section Performance - 70%
Cultural Heritage Impacts Management
Section Performance - 82%
Environmental Impact Management
Section Performance - 73%
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Sustainability has been important to WavePark since we opened our doors. “Sustainable” for us means that our business can thrive long-term on win/win/win solutions, deeply embedded into communities who support our success, because we support theirs.

We realized that many of our strengths rely on communicating our policies to our guests, employees, partners, government and community. Moving forward, we are committed to improving how much and how often we communicate with these stakeholders, to make sure that potential synergy between the various parties does not lie dormant.

We cannot rest on our laurels with our environmental conservation, and will be expanding our efforts in our two-stroke to four-stroke engine conversions, high-octane cleaner burning fuel purchases and our moorings installations and maintenance. Little things, like transitioning from cloth napkins for 2/3 meals, to every meal. Transitioning all lights to LED. Repairing our broken TVs and computers, rather than the cheaper option of just throwing them away.

In the future our focus will be broader on sustainability and viability within our region. Mentawai is at a turning point, and both our neighboring resorts and government bureaucracy needs support to secure our futures together. Creating a viable roadmap to sustainable development and introducing law enforcement with common operational standards is crucial to the safety of our guests and a healthy industry. With a secure investment environment, businesses will be better placed to focus more on CSR and sustainable development programs.

We will be doing all we can to help all concerned to work together towards this future.

Christie Carter – CEO